Fuji Ichikan-Mt. Fuji 7th Station Mountain Hut Official Website.


Our lodge is located at the 7th station of Mt. Fuji,
It takes about 4-5 hours to reach the summit.

The business period in 2024 will be from Jul. 1st (Mon) to Sep. 7th (Sat).
Accommodation reservations are only accepted online.


Mt. Fuji 7th Station FUJI ICHIKAN
Zip code 403-0005
6-9-4 KamiYoshida, Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi, Japan
Google MAP
TEL 080-1036-6691
9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Reservations for accommodations can only be made online.
Mt.Fuji climbing

■2024 Mountain Opening 2024.7.1
Mt. Fuji has successfully opened its doors again this year.
Thank you for your continued support this season.
7/1 Fuji Subaru Line All lines open from 9:00

■Fuji Mountaineering Opening Season Climbing Precautions Updated: June 14, 2024
●Fuji is no exception to the rainy season.
 ・Make sure to bring rain gear of a solid, separate type.
 ・There is no drying room, so be prepared with a change of clothes.
 ・Bring newspaper (to put in shoes) to dry shoes.
 ・There is no newspaper in the hut.
●There are no toilets above the 8th station (~7/10).
 ・The summit hut, shrine, and restrooms are closed until the Shizuoka   side opens (July 10).
 ・You will have to finish at the 8th station .
  (Please check with Shizuoka Prefecture for details.)

■Reservations for 2024 are now being accepted. 2024.6.3 Update (Summary of online reservations)
・The 2024 opening period is from July 1 (Monday) to September 7 (Saturday), 2024.
・Reservations are now being accepted, and are to be paid for in advance via the Internet.
・The room availability is limited to the number of rooms available.
・If you wish to cancel, please log in to your personal management screen using the link in the reservation completion email and cancel your reservation.
・As soon as a cancellation occurs, available rooms will be displayed and you can make a reservation.
・A cancellation fee of 5% will be charged from the time the reservation is completed.
・Reservations cannot be made by phone or fax. No waiting list is available.
・Please note the following when making a reservation: credit card information, name of the guest, and time of arrival.
  The number of guests is indicated as “1 person/room (e.g. “5 persons).
   (e.g.) If there are “5 guests, make a reservation for “5 rooms.
  A maximum of 8 persons (rooms) can be reserved at one time.
  There is no charge for private room reservations or children.
  Please indicate in the memo field any food items you cannot eat or allergies you may have.
  Reservations cannot be changed (number of people, date of stay).
・Hut Facilities
  There are no private rooms available. Please leave bed assignment to our staff.
  Available items: sleeping bags, changing rooms, electrical outlets for recharging, toilet slippers.
  Store: cup noodles, soft drinks, beer, gloves, socks

■Regarding the 2,000 yen toll [the lodge is not the place to collect tolls].
Please pay the toll at the fifth station gate or by internet transfer in advance. Tolls are also required for lodge guests. If you have made a reservation to stay at a mountain lodge, you can pass through the gate even when the restrictions begin (after 4:00 p.m.).
Please refer to Fuji Climbing Official Site.

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