Mount Fuji hut at the 7th Station Fujiichikan
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Mt. Fuji climbing
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Mt. Fuji climbing
Notice for climbers

Take you own pace to climb.

If you find a sick, injured or distressed person, tell other climbers or call huts.

There is a safety guidance center at the 6th station.

There are first-aid stations at the 7th and 8th station.

When you see falling rocks, please shout to people around you to look out. 

Tip for climbers

Altitude sickness

Do not rush, you most likely will fall sick. When you arrive 5th station, take a break for 90 min.

Knee pain when descending a mountain
Do not jump or take long strides: It kills the knee! Be aware that the descent is hard and dangerous. Walk at a steady, slow pace and keep the knees flexed.

Do not linger too long where you cool down too much.

Take regular short breaks to eat energy foods, rest briefly and to assess your direction. Sudden changes in weather are common.
Climbing Routes

On Mt. Fuji, signs on the trails are coordinated in inscription, design, and color.
Four trails are color-coded with respective colors indicated on signs. Remember the color of your trail and take care not to follow trails of any other colors by mistake.

  Yoshida Trail: Yellow
Subashiri Trail: Red

Gotemba Trail: Blue
Fujinomiya Trail: Green